If You Want to Build Back Better, Reshore Our Entire Supply Chain, by Charles Hugh Smith

When governments the world over started screwing up economies with Covid totalitarianism and the fiat debt extravaganza, they destroyed fragile supply changes. Companies are already working to resource from domestic suppliers. From Charles Hugh Smith at oftwominds.com:

It is entirely accurate to say that the U.S. is addicted to waste and distant sources of essentials.

The downside of dependency is in the air. The U.S. has allowed itself to become dependent on other nations for essentials, a policy that I view as an insanity fueled by greed.

The problem with dependency is the cost can’t be calculated until it’s too late. Restoring independence is a massive, costly undertaking, but if you wait until the cost of dependency is clear to all, it’s too late to escape the collapse triggered by the cut-off of essentials from other nations.

The happy story of “free trade” (there is no such thing) is that everybody wins. The reality is everyone loses except corporate profiteers. The problem with deciding on the wunnerfulness of “free trade” by looking at the price tag is that all the real costs of dependency and profiteering are not in the price on the tag: the “market” doesn’t include those costs because that would reveal “free trade” as a catastrophically bad deal for the people whose nation becomes dependent on others for their essentials.

Missing from the “low, low price” on the tag:

1. The degradation of quality and durability due to planned obsolescence and reliance on shoddy components.

2. The environmental degradation in the developing-world autocracies which welcomed the poisoning of their water, soil and air as “growth.”

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2 responses to “If You Want to Build Back Better, Reshore Our Entire Supply Chain, by Charles Hugh Smith

  1. easier said than done! I dont think it will happen easilly or in a while.
    when i started working in tech in the company i am presently with, there was NO offshore presence. Now it is almost 50% offshore presence…


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