What is U.S. Border Patrol Doing 6,000 Miles from the Border? By Kenric Ward

The article excoriates the Biden administration’s priorities, which are not shared by most Americans. From SLL contributor Kenric Ward:

Indicating that it is more concerned with serving foreign nationals than safeguarding U.S. security, the Biden administration is again poaching Border Patrol officers from the chaotic U.S.-Mexico border.

Federal border agents are being solicited – with a sweetened lure of overtime pay – to redeploy to Poland to assist in processing refugees fleeing the Russia-Ukraine conflict. It is the second time in a year for such a move.

If past is prologue, “Operation Ukraine Support” will have problems. The diversion of U.S. border personnel to screen Afghanis last summer allowed multiple security risks into this country, according to an inspector general’s report last month.

Further thinning the thin green line at America’s southern border, one of the busiest and most dangerous in the world, goes beyond bureaucratic bungling and misplaced priorities. It is an unconscionable dereliction of duty at a time of ongoing, historic waves of illegal migration into this country.

Instead of diverting and diluting resources, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) should be addressing chronic attrition in its Border Patrol ranks, and filling longstanding vacancies. But that’s nowhere on the agenda.

Demoralized by the Biden administration’s systematic dismantling of immigration enforcement, career Border Patrol officers feel like they’ve devolved into a paper-pushing “U.S. Welcome Patrol” for illegal aliens.

While spinning on its new Russia-Ukraine-Poland axis thousands of miles from U.S. shores, the White House continues to lose focus on American interests. Two recent reports by the Federation for American Immigration Reform illustrate the situation.

DHS is brazenly subverting court rulings that ordered reinstatement of the Remain in Mexico program at the border. Of 332,781 border encounters in a recent two-month period, a paltry 410 illegal aliens (0.0012 percent) were actually returned to Mexico. Oral arguments on this debacle are scheduled at the U.S. Supreme Court next month.

Meantime, even the ballyhooed increase in alien “encounters” comes with an asterisk. Beyond the administration’s superficial claims and sensational headlines, rising numbers of illegal aliens are being waved into the U.S. while deportations are in sharp decline.

President Biden may hope that engaging in the Ukrainian crisis will distract from, or somehow excuse, rising inflation and other economic woes on the home front. But his open-border schemes, including ever-widening pathways for foreign workers to take U.S. jobs, remain persistently unpopular with Americans. Even the White House’s own polling shows him deeply underwater on immigration.

Sending border staff to overseas theaters doesn’t fix any of that – and, in fact, only makes a bad situation worse.

Bloviating about the sovereignty of far-flung lands while breaking down border enforcement here at home is worse than oxymoronic. It’s borderline sedition.

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