Calling Dr. Fauci? By Eric Peters

Fauci has become a liability for the powers that be and all of sudden he’s disappeared. Let’s hope he doesn’t reappear. From Eric Peters at

One scans the news in vain for any sign of the little doctor who – just a few weeks ago – was the news. All the time, everywhere.

Now, nowhere.

Because now it’s Putin Bad! Urkaine Good! 

Which it isn’t, really – either way. What’s very good – for Dr. Fauci and everyone responsible for the psychological and financial abuse heaped upon millions of people over a “pandemic” that – just like that – seems to be cured – is that Putin Bad! Ukraine Good! is keeping the fish school moving in the appointed direction. That being away from the old crisis and onto the next. At least, ideally, for long enough to maybe hush up and sweep-under-the-rug such inconvenient truths as those to be found within the leaked Pfizer documents regarding their own, internal estimates of the efficacy and safety of the “vaccines” they have been pushing.

The becoming-impossible-to-suppress data about a terrifying uptick in unusual deaths, perhaps not unusually coincident to the foisting of “vaccines” that do not immunize upon millions of people, many of whom were essentially forced to take them.

That people have been showing their faces again.

It didn’t look good for Dr. Fauci and the gaggle of white-coated menaces, whose number may finally be up. Or would have been, were it not for Putin rearing his head.

Forget Ivermectin. Forget monoclonal antibodies. The best cure for “the virus” is Vlad.

And now, the chickenhawks are coming home to roost – again. These belligerent armchair warriors can always be counted upon to “stand up”  . . . when there’s nothing on the table for them to lose.

Their lives, for instance.

Just unwrap the flag – and sound the call. Yesterday, Iraq. Today Ukraine. When useful, it will be something else. There is always something else.

Provided someone else goes.

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