Russia Just Disconnected from the World’s Internet. It May Not Just Be About Censorship. By Jeff Thompson

Is Russia acting in anticipation of Cyber Polygon. From Jeff Thompson at

The year 2019 was of historical importance. It was during that year we saw a number of “simulations” take place that mysteriously began to take place within reality just a short time later. Chief of these would be Event 201; a COVID pandemic simulation put on by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Just a few months after the simulation, we ended up with the events of early 2020.

We also saw Plan A take place in 2019. In this Pentagon-led study, we were shown how NATO expansion into Eastern Europe would lead to global nuclear exchange. Now, here we sit in 2022, a hair’s breadth away from nuclear war.

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Russia and its “sovereign internet”

But what you may not know about 2019 was that it was during this year that Vladimir Putin signed into law a “sovereign internet” bill for Russia. This bill gave Moscow the “legal” authority to quarantine Russia’s internet from the rest of the world.

At the time, we were told that this was going to help Russia to deal with threats to Russian internet “in the event it’s disconnected from the World Wide Web.” Russia had apparently been working to this end for years prior to 2019, with tests having been conducted in 2014, which proved that it was possible for Russia to quarantine itself from the rest of the world’s internet.

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