Why Did the Russians Intervene in Ukraine and is Europe Heading for a New Dark Age? By Dragana Trifkovic

The Ukraine-Russia war is more ominous for the U.S. and Europe than it is for Russia and China. From Dragana Trifkovic at lewrockwell.com:

“Russia started a war in Ukraine” – the Western media claim. An absolutely abject lie. The war in Ukraine began in 2014 after an organized coup, one more in a series of those orchestrated by the United States.

Intoxicated by false hopes, the unfortunate Ukrainians did not realize that they were just a mere tool in the hands of a tyrant from Washington. Despite their enormous resources and potential, they became beggars at the gates of the EU, where no one had any intention of receiving them.

For thirty years, the Western powers have been spreading anti-Russian propaganda in Ukraine through NGOs and the media, wanting what Brzeziński[1] considered necessary to separate Russia from Ukraine.

And they did not hesitate to do so, whether by supporting the neo-Nazi government or silently watching the genocide it was carrying out against the Russian population in Ukraine. Russians and Ukrainians are one people and almost every family in Russia has a relative in Ukraine. But why should anyone in London and Washington care, when they have their “strategic” goals.

The current anti-Russian hysteria in the Western media reminds me of the 1990s and the persecution of the Serbs.[2] In this campaign, the terrorists became victims, and the victims became terrorists – deprived of any possibility to say a single word to the world in their defense. For the verdict was already written in advance. The special operations and media executions did their job well. Then Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria… always the same scenario. For how many decades has the world been subjected to the violence of the Americans who have established the law of force instead of international law? And all this under the guise of the fight for democracy, human rights, and freedom…

“War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is power”, wrote Orwell, the visionary, in his book “1984”. The fact that Orwell was recently censored and declared persona non grata shows how far Western totalitarianism has gone.

Hypocrisy and lies have reached their peak. I had the opportunity in 2014 and 2015 to visit Donbass several times. The war was still going on. Confused and frightened people showed us demolished houses, monuments, damaged hospitals and kindergartens, demolished churches, and fresh graves.

They did not understand why they were bombed by the army of the country they lived in. Ukraine forbade the Russian population to speak their own language and to remember their ancestors. None of the great Western watchdogs said that this was a violation of basic human rights.

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