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Preserving Thousands of Years of Human Progress or Forcing the Donbas to Stay in Ukraine? By The Space Worm

Is the eastern portion of Ukraine really worth risking the extinction of the human species? From The Space Worm at zerohedge.com:

The incredibly difficult question faced by Neocons and Democrats in congress today…

This past Saturday, I went for a hike with my girlfriend of 2 years. We saw the changing leaves of the Northeast, watched a gorgeous sunset, listened to a Mises Institute podcast in the car on the idiocy of Ben Bernanke winning a Nobel prize, ordered food to our apartment while still on the road, and that evening settled down to watch There Will Be Blood with Daniel Day-Lewis (an incredible movie).

Photo from the hike. Near Bear Mountain New Jersey.

After this pleasant day, a thought occurred:

There has never been a time in human history when such an abundance of pleasures have been on-demand to people of nearly all income brackets. The wealthiest kings throughout history couldn’t have imagined the seemingly simple activities many take for granted today.

So my message to Neocons (and Dems if any read ZH) is simple:


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Ukraine Bits: Russian Artillery – Counter Attacks – New Missile Systems, by Moon of Alabam

Some updates from the Ukraine-Russia war, and things are looking grim for Ukraine. From Moon of Alabama at moonofalabama.org:

The amount of copium available for Ukraine fans seems to be dwindling.

More mainstream media now report on the huge damage the Russian artillery is causing to the Ukrainian frontline troops. Even the New York Times joined in:

Under the fire of Russia’s long-range arsenal and facing a desperate need for ammunition and weapons, Ukrainian forces remain outgunned on the long and pockmarked eastern front, according to military analysts, Ukrainian officials and soldiers on the ground.Just one engagement on Thursday and Friday on a small swath of the line, in a forest north of the town of Sloviansk, sent about a dozen Ukrainian soldiers to a military hospital with harrowing shrapnel wounds.

“You ask how the fighting is going,” said Oleksandr Kolesnikov, the commander of a company of soldiers fighting in the forest, interviewed on an ambulance gurney outside a military hospital in Kramatorsk. “There was a commander of the company. He was killed. There was another commander. He was killed. A third commander was wounded. I am the fourth.”

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The U.S. and NATO Are Waging War With Russia in Ukraine… But Russia Is Assured of Victory – Russell Bentley, interviewed by Finian Cunningham

Here’s a nonconforming view of the Ukraine-Russia war from an American who’s been living in the Donesk People’s Republic for eight years. From Finian Cunningham at strategic-culture.org:

Russell Bentley has been living in the Donetsk People’s Republic for eight years where he now has obtained official citizenship.

Western news media are spinning wild delusions about Russia facing failure and defeat in Ukraine, says Russell Bentley, a former American soldier who has been fighting and living in the Donbass for the past eight years. In the following interview for Strategic Culture Foundation, he says Russia is assured of a stunning victory to defeat not just the Kiev regime but also its handlers in the U.S. and NATO powers.

This week, the New York Times and BBC, for example, belatedly and begrudgingly admitted that Russia had “triumphed” in Mariupol, the southern port city where for weeks the same Western media have been lionizing the “brave defenders” belonging to the NATO-sponsored and openly Nazi-affiliated Azov Battalion.

Russell Bentley has gained an international following for his courage and truth-telling. In this interview, he also bears testimony to the ravages and war crimes committed by what he calls the Nazi Kiev regime against the civilian population. He says it was vital that Russia launched its special military operation (Operation Z) on February 24 because the Kiev regime and the United States in concert with other NATO powers were planning a major deadly offensive against the Donbass. That offensive was pre-empted by Russia’s intervention. He says that while Russia has the military upper hand, the NATO powers are up to their necks in this conflict in a way that threatens a full-on world war. And the Western media are misleading the public about the grave dangers, cynically spouting lies about “defending Ukraine” instead of the reality that the U.S., NATO and the European Union are supporting Nazis and war criminals. He traces a historical political line back to the Second World War and how the Western powers assimilated German Nazi remnants into their power structures with baleful consequences that are manifest today.

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Minsk II: Two Words You’ll Never Hear on Mainstream News, by Walt Zlotow

Ukraine never gave Minsk II a chance. From Walt Zlotow at antiwar.com:

Ask a hundred Americans and you’ll be lucky to find even one who’s ever heard of Minsk II. But ask those same Americans how the Ukraine war started, and you’ll likely get “Russian President Putin woke up one day and decided to re-establish the Soviet empire, starting with Ukraine.”

That is because our government and its slavishly loyal media have created a false narrative for maximum propaganda to support pouring billions in weaponry into the Ukraine war zone, ensuring that death and destruction will proceed endlessly.

Minsk II was the 2015 agreement hammered out by Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany to end the civil war in Ukraine between the pro west, ultra nationalist government and the pro Russian Ukrainians in the eastern Donbas provinces of Lugansk and Donetsk.

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“Battle Of Donbas” In Full Swing As Russia Launches ‘Hellish’ All-Out Assault, by Tyler Durden

Apparently Russia is conducting Phase Two of its Ukraine operation, which involves driving the Ukrainian government forces out of the Donbass in the eastern part of the country. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

In the overnight hours the “Battle of the Donbass” – as Ukraine’s Zelensky is calling it – was launched with a full renewed Russian onslaught, marking the beginning of a second phase of the war which kicked off with the Feb.24 invasion. The opening hours of Tuesday were marked by constant shelling and missile strikes in the region.

Another stage of this operation (in eastern Ukraine) is beginning and I am sure this will be a very important moment of this entire special operation,” Lavrov announced during a live interview with India Today on Tuesday.

Importantly, when asked about whether the ‘special operation’ launch by Vladimir Putin would eventually extend to the capital of Kiev, Lavrov responded: “We are not up for regime change in Ukraine.” This coming weeks after Russia’s military commanders announced a new focus on liberating the east.

Ukrainian multiple rocket launcher BM-21 “Grad” shells Russian troops’ position, near Luhansk, via AFP

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Day 39 of the Russian SMO – a few developments, by Andrei

The course of both wars—the propaganda one and the military one—from a Russian perspective. From Andrei at thesaker.is:

First, in Hungary, Viktor Orban won a supermajority in the latest elections.  This makes perfect sense, as Orban’s policies have guaranteed that Hungary will get her energy at a low and stable price for the next 15 years (if I remember correctly) while the Eurolemmings will get their at astronomic prices on the spot markets which they themselves chose over long term contracts.  The same goes for food items, fertilizer, etc.

I want to congratulate the Hungarian people not only on being the smartest in Europe, but for showing and proving that even a nation which is part of the EU and NATO can defend its own national interests.

Now about the Bucha fake, I won’t repeat it all here, I rather simply refer you to these:

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Why Die for Biden? By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Should NATO be taking on Russia over Ukraine? Should NATO exist at all? From Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. at lewrockwell.com:

As you would expect from brain-dead Biden and the people controlling him, American policy has been moving in the wrong direction. Whatever you think about the situation in the Ukraine, one thing is obvious. It’s a crisis. Shouldn’t we try to stay out of danger? Instead, the US has led the way in imposing drastic economic sanctions on Russia, backing Putin to the wall. What if he gets desperate and uses atomic weapons? This could result in the end of civilized life on our planet. Is this what Americans want?

The danger isn’t just something I and other critics of American policy have conjured up.  “President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday [March 5] that Western sanctions on Russia were akin to a declaration of war and warned that any attempt to impose a no-fly zone in Ukraine would lead to catastrophic consequences for the world. . . ‘These sanctions that are being imposed are akin to a declaration of war but thank God it has not come to that,’ Putin said, speaking to a group of flight attendants at an Aeroflot training centre near Moscow. He said any attempt by another power to impose a no-fly zone in Ukraine would be considered by Russia to be a step into the military conflict.”

The neocon warmongers brush this danger aside. They say that “we” have to do something to defend the Ukraine from an unprovoked Russian attack. But this totally distorts what is happening there. The Ukrainian government started things by moving against Donbass, a territory that declared independence and is allied with Russia. According to the Ukrainian government, the Ukrainians can secede from Russia but people can’t secede from the Ukraine. As Rick Rozoff pointed out in an article on February 2, “Two-thirds of Ukrainian army servicemen have been amassed along the Donbas contact line, Eduard Basurin, spokesman for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) militia, said on Thursday.

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Why Did the Russians Intervene in Ukraine and is Europe Heading for a New Dark Age? By Dragana Trifkovic

The Ukraine-Russia war is more ominous for the U.S. and Europe than it is for Russia and China. From Dragana Trifkovic at lewrockwell.com:

“Russia started a war in Ukraine” – the Western media claim. An absolutely abject lie. The war in Ukraine began in 2014 after an organized coup, one more in a series of those orchestrated by the United States.

Intoxicated by false hopes, the unfortunate Ukrainians did not realize that they were just a mere tool in the hands of a tyrant from Washington. Despite their enormous resources and potential, they became beggars at the gates of the EU, where no one had any intention of receiving them.

For thirty years, the Western powers have been spreading anti-Russian propaganda in Ukraine through NGOs and the media, wanting what Brzeziński[1] considered necessary to separate Russia from Ukraine.

And they did not hesitate to do so, whether by supporting the neo-Nazi government or silently watching the genocide it was carrying out against the Russian population in Ukraine. Russians and Ukrainians are one people and almost every family in Russia has a relative in Ukraine. But why should anyone in London and Washington care, when they have their “strategic” goals.

The current anti-Russian hysteria in the Western media reminds me of the 1990s and the persecution of the Serbs.[2] In this campaign, the terrorists became victims, and the victims became terrorists – deprived of any possibility to say a single word to the world in their defense. For the verdict was already written in advance. The special operations and media executions did their job well. Then Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria… always the same scenario. For how many decades has the world been subjected to the violence of the Americans who have established the law of force instead of international law? And all this under the guise of the fight for democracy, human rights, and freedom…

“War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is power”, wrote Orwell, the visionary, in his book “1984”. The fact that Orwell was recently censored and declared persona non grata shows how far Western totalitarianism has gone.

Hypocrisy and lies have reached their peak. I had the opportunity in 2014 and 2015 to visit Donbass several times. The war was still going on. Confused and frightened people showed us demolished houses, monuments, damaged hospitals and kindergartens, demolished churches, and fresh graves.

They did not understand why they were bombed by the army of the country they lived in. Ukraine forbade the Russian population to speak their own language and to remember their ancestors. None of the great Western watchdogs said that this was a violation of basic human rights.

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The day Russia’s patience ran out, by Dmitry Orlov

Russia simply got tired of confusion, unfounded accusations, propaganda, double-dealing, and trying to negotiate when the U.S. and NATO had no good faith intention to negotiate. From Dmitry Orlov at saker.is:

Today’s date, commonly written out as 22.02.2022, will be an easy one for future schoolchildren to remember. Various people will remember it in various ways. The residents of Donetsk and Lugansk, the two formerly Ukrainian, now once again Russian cities that have been subjected to conditions bordering on genocide since the US-instigated government overthrow of 2014 will remember jubilantly dancing in the streets, shooting off lots of fireworks, waving Russian flags and hollering the Russian national anthem. For them, this is the day on which new hope arrived that their eight-year nightmare would soon be over and life would finally return to normal.

The badly informed new German chancellor inadvertently helped to resolve the situation by saying that the idea of a Ukrainian-caused genocide in the Donbass is ridiculous. Given the history of the region, the public spectacle of a German leader using the words “genocide” and “ridiculous” in the same sentence made the moment pregnant with possibilities. Here is the information the seemingly rather dim-witted chancellor was missing. There were 9,282 dead on the Donbass side (70% of them civilians) and 114 children. The dead on the Ukrainian side (the Ukrainian troops and various assorted mercenaries that had been attacking and laying siege to the Donbass since 2014) numbered 20,186. This was prior to the renewed Ukrainian shelling of recent days. There were also over two million Donbass refugees in Russia, more than one million in the Ukraine and around 50 thousand in Belarus.

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The Birth of the Baby Twins: Russia’s Strategic Swing Drives NATOstan Nuts, by Pepe Escobar

What will NATO do about Russia’s recognition of the Donbass breakaway states? Will it hurt Russia enough to make a difference? From Pepe Escobar at strategic-culture.org:

“You don’t believe in the principle of indivisible security? Fine. Now we dictate the security rhythm.”

History will register that the birth of the baby twins – Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics – only a few hours before 2/22/22, was simultaneous to the birth of the real, 21st century multipolar world.

As my columns have stressed for a few years now, Vladimir Putin has been carefully nurturing his inner Sun Tzu. And now it’s all in the open: “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

The thunderbolt was months in the process of being meticulously polished. To paraphrase Lenin, who “created Ukraine” (copyright Putin), we did live many decades in only these past few days. It all started with the detailed demands of security guarantees sent to the Americans, which Moscow knew would be rejected. Then there was the Russia-China joint statement at the start of the Winter Olympics – which codifies not only the strategic partnership but also the key tenets of the multipolar world.

The culmination was a stunning, nearly one hour-long address to the nation by Putin shortly after the Russian Security Council live session deliberating on the request for independence by the DPR and the LPR (here is a condensed version.)

A few hours later, at an emergency UN Security Council meeting, Russian Permanent Representative Vasily Nebenzya precisely outlined why the recognition of the baby twins does not bury the Minsk agreements.

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