Ukrainian Update #7, by Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts finds a significant silver lining in the Ukraine-Russia war: the end of globalism. From Roberts at

Yesterday I completed a major article on the sanctions and their impacts.  As Saturday readership is light, I am holding it for release tomorrow.

For now, a brief update on the situation in Ukraine.  The Western lie machine continues to speak of “the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” but it is not an invasion of Ukraine. It is a limited military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine.  The Russian forces have surrounded Kiev, but are otherwise operating only in eastern and southern Ukraine where the bulk of the Ukrainian forces and neo-Nazi militias were preparing an invasion of the Donbass republics.  The Ukrainian and neo-Nazi forces are surrounded and cut off.  Various of the cities that they held are being cleared by Russian and Donbass forces.  The Russians would prefer to negotiate the surrender of the forces to taking the casualties, both Russian troops and Ukrainian civilians, of clearing out the neo-Nazis street by street, but there is no one with whom to negotiate. The titular Ukrainian president, Zelensky, is just a Washington puppet.  With or without negotiation, the Russian goal will be achieved.

The presstitute talk of sending in decades old jet fighters from Poland, mercenary armies, establishing a no-fly zone in Ukraine is rubbish. Russian air and ground superiority is total.  Any such intervention would be quickly destroyed.

My concern has been that Russia’s limited objective and the care the Russian forces have taken to avoid massive destruction of civilian centers will prolong the war and provide time for the West to make two strategic mistakes: to mount a psyops campaign that will permanently poison relations between the West and Russia, making nuclear war more likely in the future, and provide time for idiots in the West to blunder into a wider war.  My concern has been validated. Widespread hatred of Russians has been created by the Western governments and presstitutes, and many US senators, egged on by neoconservatives, are pushing for a wider war.  But the Pentagon and Europe have resisted interventions that would widen the war as a wider war means the destruction of Europe.

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