Deadly Serious Humor

h/t The Burning Platform

kids 2050 2019 2022 history test

pray for ukraine wait kenosha blm

biden wrath sanctions disney putin next oil payment due

nancy pelosi stock companies coming world war

shining gold mask up restaurant 700 days 2 weeks slow spread

message gas prices not russia ukraine biden invaded white house

badass stand front destroyed ironman wick joker biden usa flag

spiderman point trump russian spy mask up stand with ukraine

joe biden does imported oil pollute less or get kickback

clown makeup inflation transitory good putin did it

allowing businesses reopen not creating new jobs change my mind

tweet indoor masks ignore guidance office turntables

message only government forcibly extracting money still bankrupt

starting war hoping you forget crimes during scamdemic

bablylon bee media spike myocarditis linked to ukraine

willie nelson snoop hunter biden gas prices

politics funny government Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

77 Government memes ideas | politics, truth, politically incorrect

Gubament memes. Best Collection of funny Gubament pictures on iFunny

WHEN THERE'S A AFTER YOU'VE BEEN POSTING ANTI GOVERNMENT MEMES ALL DAY - Video & GIFs | theres meme, youve meme, been meme, posting meme, government meme, day meme

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