Wagging the Ukrainian and Irish Dogs, by Declan Hayes

How to sort facts and reality from lies and propaganda. From Declan Hayes at strategic-culture.org:

How are we, who are denied credible, alternative news sources, supposed to divine between right and wrong, between truth and propaganda.

Londoner Robert Stuart has spent quite a few years documenting his Fabrication in BBC Panorama’s Saving Syria’s Children blog which details the alleged collusion of the BBC and rogue British Army elements in a false flag chemical attack in Syria perpetrated, he alleges, to get Britain to join the USA in bombing Damascus back to the Stone Age.

Though Stuart’s site is well worth exploring, it is important here because Stuart’s critics, the BBC included, have not been able to find even the smallest chink in his work. Until Stuart’s work is discredited, the man on the Clapham omnibus would have to conclude that the BBC, the British security services, the Muslim Brotherhood and their casts of crisis actors colluded to propel Britain into war against Syria and were, therefore, by definition, guilty of crimes against the peace, the very crimes Hitler’s top brass swung for at Nuremberg.

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