What May Really Kill the Electric Car, by Eric Peters

If interest rates rise and cheap auto financing disappears, it will put pricey electric cars that much more out of the reach of many Americans. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Electric vehicles are just the ticket for short trips in between long recharge times.

Assuming you can afford one.

The new electric version of Ford’s F-150, for instance. It can go up to 230 miles on a full charge – a bit less than half as far as the base version of the gas engine’d F-150 can go (in the city; on the highway, where gas-engined vehicles go even farther than electric vehicles, the non-electric F150 can go more than 600 miles).

If you want to go farther in the electric F-150, Ford offers a version of it with up to 320 miles of range – for about $15k more than the just shy of $40k base price of the 230 mile version.

The good news is that each version will come with a real-time range-estimator that takes into account such things as the weather – which greatly affects an EV’s range – as well as the effect of towing or hauling a heavy load in the bed. Also the effect of using the truck’s battery pack to power tools and such.

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