Charade Buster… Biden Goes Off Script With Regime-Change Admission on Russia, by Finian Cunningham

How long before the Europeans realize that like the Ukrainians, they are just pawns in the U.S.’s scheme to get rid of Putin and install a Yeltsin-like puppet? Probably not until their economies and financial systems are in ruins. From Finian Cunningham at

After Biden’s charade-busting admission it will be difficult politically to maintain US-European “unity” over such a flagrant imperial agenda.

U.S. President Joe Biden came to Europe last week riding high on European deference towards America’s leadership. Then he went to Warsaw to make a victory lap speech at the weekend which was billed as marking the high point in galvanizing European and NATO unity towards Russia.

But the climax cratered like a house of cards. As the president was boarding Air Force One to take him home, the much-vaunted transatlantic unity was in disarray from Biden’s cack-handed big moment.

It reminds one of former President Barack Obama’s cautionary words in appraising Biden. “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up,” said Obama of his former vice president and his gaffe-prone big mouth.

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