John Mearsheimer, Ukraine, and the Global Deep State, by Boyd D. Cathey

Ukraine is not about war and peace, just as Covid was not about health and safety. Rather, both are about allowing an international cabal to attain global totalitarianism. From Boyd D. Cathey at

I pass on links to two significant presentations that Dr. John Mearsheimer (Prof., University of Chicago, and author of a number of scholarly studies) has offered concerning the origin, history and responsibility for the Ukraine crisis and the ensuing conflict.

The first of these occurred as the war has grown in intensity and was given on March 11, 2022.  It appeared in THE ECONOMIST (UK) and is a comparatively brief (1500 words) but also a balanced and comprehensive summary of his assessment. Here is the access link.

The second lecture dates from February 15, just nine days before the Russian invasion, and in a very real sense, he accurately predicted what would happen due to the belligerent and continual pressures and outright interference of the neocons in the US State Department and the Biden administration in that part of Eastern Europe. His lecture was given via Zoom to students in King’s College, Cambridge University.

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