The Hostile Takeover of the Republican Party Will Continue, by J.B. Shurk

Republican grandees like Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney are completely out of touch with regular Republicans. From J.B. Shurk at

Being a Republican voter is no easy thing. Social media censor you. Companies fire you. The Department of Justice persecutes you. Democrats assault and harass you. And all the while, most Republican Party “leaders” stand back and do nothing as they watch. We’ve got the only political party in modern history controlled by a small group of elected officials who fundamentally disagree with the prevailing viewpoints of 90% of the voters who put them in office. Election after election, their unstated yet indisputable campaign slogan is simply, “Vote for us because we don’t hate you quite as much as the other guys.” (I’m not even sure that’s true!)

This disconnect between Republican voters and Republican oligarchs has endured for decades, but I do not think it will survive much longer. The reason why is that the average Joe has figured out D.C.’s Uniparty game: take one “ruling class” dedicated to power and money and nothing more, divide that small class of swindlers into two nearly identical political parties, pretend those two criminal cabals hate each other when the opposite is true, and present the American people with a choice-in-name-only every election. You can vote for the Big Government socialists invested in totalitarianism or the Big Government socialists invested in empire and world domination. (Note: The parties may swap that small distinction depending on the decade.) That’s American “democracy” in a nutshell — a hallowed ritual for electing criminals to positions of power from where they can commit even grander crimes with impunity in the name of the people. In exchange for their dedication to fleecing and betraying us, we christen streets, marble halls, and naval vessels after their worst offenders.

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One response to “The Hostile Takeover of the Republican Party Will Continue, by J.B. Shurk

  1. McConnell and Romney should have been thrown out of the Republican party a decade ago at the very least.


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