A Once in a Century Opportunity, by Alastair Crooke

The best laid plans of mice (or is it rats?) and men sometimes go awry. From Alexander Crooke at strategic-culture.com:

“The era of liberal globalization is over. Before our eyes, a new world economic order is being formed”

Wow! How rapidly the wheel of fortune turns. It seems like only yesterday that a French Finance minister was touting the imminent the collapse of the Russian economy, and President Biden celebrated the Rouble being “reduced to rubble” – the collective West having seized foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank of Russia; threatened to seize any Russian gold it could lay its hands on; as well as imposing unprecedented sanctions on Russian individuals, companies and institutions. Total fin-war!

Well, it didn’t work out that way. It scared the bejesus out of Central Bankers around the world that their reserves might be up for seizing too if they strayed from ‘the line’. Nonetheless, Team Biden’s hubristic decision to try again to collapse of the Russian economy (first ‘go’ was 2014) may yet come to be viewed as a major geo-political inflection point.

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3 responses to “A Once in a Century Opportunity, by Alastair Crooke

  1. Should I buy doubles then?


  2. Roubels….🤪


  3. I thought that this was a great, “on the other hand” report from Monetary Metals. https://monetary-metals.com/oil-ruble-gold-walk-into-a-bar/

    “The basic premise of this Narrative is that Russia will create a new gold standard, the dollar will crash, and of course gold will go to the moon.

    “Author Terry Goodkind, in his Sword of Truth series, wrote about a set of Wizard’s Rules. The Wizards First Rule says that people will believe something because they want to believe it’s true, or because they’re afraid it might be true. [1.]

    “The gold community certainly longs for gold to go up to $100,000. And anyone in the West is afraid of the collapse of America—or at least Pax Americana. That’s why the story of the impending collapse of the dollar and rise of the gold-backed ruble resonates so broadly. It appeals to both greed and fear.

    “Our goal in writing this article is to help people understand why this Narrative offers a false hope/fear.”


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