NATO´s internal gold war, by Jorge Vilches

You think anyone within NATO trusts the British and U.S. government tallies of gold in their custodial accounts? From Jorge Vilches at

Brexitology focused keenly on UK fish but fully ignored the EU´s gigantic gold reserves supposedly still vaulted in custody at the Bank of England. Adding insult to injury, a UK-EU no-deal financial services crash-out divorce went by almost unnoticed… not only without the bang of the still postponed “financial equivalence” protocol… but also without a mere whimper from specialized media and Remainers. Now, the Ukraine crisis with its new payment requirements for the badly needed Russian oil & gas…overlapping with essential yet unfinished Brexit business…will necessarily evolve into a vicious NATO internal gold war. Paraphrasing James Carville spiced with some traditional British flavor, “It´s the bloody gold, stupid” [Refs.1+ 2]

Rule Britannia

As UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson would have it, the physical repatriation of the EU gold supposedly still vaulted in London would “mightily” affect the future of Europe with very deep, high-voltage political impact both sides of the English Channel. In this scenario No.10 Downing Street would easily negotiate the EU gold bullion availability only under specific Brexit conditions favorable to the UK. Actually, doing this could turn out to be absolutely necessary and should go far beyond the enormous intrinsic value of the EU gold supposedly still vaulted at the BoE. Let me explain.

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One response to “NATO´s internal gold war, by Jorge Vilches

  1. Well, that one is a doozy. Wow, and we think that there are problems in Europe today. I can not begin to wrap my head around the alliances here.

    Some, like Tom Luongo, think that the Western provocations in Ukraine were just done to forestall alliances and agreements between Russia and Germany (and others) over real things like natural gas. If the US-led sanctions against Russia lead Germany (and others) to demand their gold back from London, and it isn’t easy to deliver. . . Isn’t this another opportunity for Judo Master Putin to say, “no worries. Pull off your dogs and we can figure something out about the gold that you need back.”

    Help me, my brain hurts.


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