Op-Ed: Give Me Liberty Or Give Me A Total Government Lockdown, Whatever’s Cool

From The Babylon Bee:

Liberty is an essential part of any modern democratic society. To that end, let me paraphrase Patrick Henry: “Give me liberty, or give me a total government lockdown. Whatever’s cool.”

See, ideally, we’d have liberty. But sometimes, a deadly pandemic comes along, and at times like these, we need the government to save us by taking away all our rights. I mean, what if we did things that were unsafe with our liberty? We could die. The Founding Fathers would not have wanted that. They only wanted us to have liberty insofar as we were not hurting ourselves. It’s not like they would have liberty above death or anything.

Safety first, then liberty, I always say. Well, and healthcare. Safety, healthcare, then liberty. Oh, wait. I forgot about free money from the government. So let’s just say safety, then money, then healthcare, and then liberty. Just as the founders believed.

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