Mearsheimer: Russia Sees ‘Existential Threat,’ Must Win, by Ray McGovern

There may not be one person in Washington or in the U.S. foreign policy establishment who wants to try to understand Russia’s point of view. From Ray McGovern at

University of Chicago Professor John Mearsheimer, widely respected “dean” of the realism school (aka, “offensive realism”) of international relations, has put the conflict in Ukraine in a context that everyone can understand – and needs to understand before it is too late.

Speaking at an April 7 webinar, Mearsheimer was, true to form, “offensively realistic”. He explained: (1) the root cause lies in the April 2008 NATO summit Declaration that Ukraine (and Georgia) “will become members of NATO”; and (2) that Russia sees this as an “existential threat” and therefore “must win” this one.

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