The Wagen That’s Not for the Volk Anymore, by Eric Peters

Volkswagen has lost its way. From Eric Peters at

Some people think that those who’ve been “vaccinated” are already dead – because they will be, soon.

Could the same be true of Volkswagen?

The manufacture of cars for the people – it’s literally what Volkswagen means, in German – announced the other day that it will stop making about 60 percent of the models in its current inventory, all of them the combustion-engined ones that people can afford to buy, in order to focus on “premium” cars, all of them electric, that only a few people can afford to buy.

“The key target is not growth,” said VW’s finance chief Arno Antlitz.

Well, that was tried before – though not intentionally.

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One response to “The Wagen That’s Not for the Volk Anymore, by Eric Peters

  1. In America nobody drives a VW except lunatic horrible drivers who want to pretend they’re driving a BMW but can’t afford it. So I guess it makes sense on some level that VW decide to appeal to lunatics by going into electric lithium battery bombs that pretend to be cars.


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