America’s Whoops Apocalypse Is Just Not Cricket, by Declan Hayes

At the periphery, nations are inching away from the American orbit. From Declan Hayes at

NATO’s perpetual wars are hell, for those whose lives they destroy, and an abomination that must be ended for the rest of us.

The United States’ recent sanctioning of leading members of Ireland’s Kinahan Organized Crime Gang (KOCG), Europe’s most successful criminal mobsters, offers global insights into the tangled webs of deceit that underwrite America’s own global criminal empire. Not only are KOCG major players in the global heroin market but they are also amongst professional boxing’s major promoters through their links with Bahrain’s Royal Family and their own Dubai HQ, where disgraced former Irish President and UN HRC Mary Robinson has emerged as a passionate defender of that country’s appalling human rights’ record.

As the KOCG have also been sports washing their illicit gains in Saudi Arabia, a country whose dismal human rights’ record is, like its Yemeni genocide campaign, impervious to American opprobrium the plot, as they say, thickens. And widens to include other oil rich countries like Qatar, which is hosting this year’s World Cup to sports wash their own disgusting human rights’ track record.

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