Beijing’s “Elite Capture” Strategy Was A Success: Peter Schweizer, by Masooma Haq and Roman Balmakov

There are an awful lot of Americans in positions of importance who are in China’s pocket. From Masooma Haq and Roman Balmakov at The Epoch Times via

Peter Schweizer, author of the book “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China,” said the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) entry into the WTO changed the global economic structure in large part because it unleashed the regime’s strategy of gaining control of America’s elite class so they would do Beijing’s bidding.

Peter Schweizer is interviewed by NTD in a still from video published on March 26, 2022. (NTD)

Schweizer calls this strategy “elite capture,” and the CCP’s plan was to target the top levels of big tech, entertainment, education, Wall Street, as well as politics.

It’s going to give [the CCP] leverage over them [the elites] because once [the CCP has] sort of touched them and made them rich, or as some CCP officials have said, they’ve tasted the honey that they’ve been offered, they will not want to give it back, they will not want to give it up,” said Schweizer.

“So that gives enormous leverage to Beijing over elements of our leadership class.”

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