The Ukraine War Clock Is a Time Bomb – It Blows Up On November 8, US Election Day, by John Helmer

This is a lot of good information about the Ukraine-Russia war from someone who apparently knows what he’s talking about. From John Helmer at

If you understand the war in the Ukraine as the US operation to fight to the last Ukrainian for as long as required to save the Democrats at the November election and conceal the most incapacitated president since Woodrow Wilson’s stroke in October 1919, how well is it going?

And if you understand the war as the Russian operation to defeat the NATO attack against Russia through the Ukraine, and its neighbours, what is the parallel answer?

In Washington, the war has steadied President Joseph Biden’s falling approval rating. If not for the war, Biden’s job approval on inflation and jobs, the direction of the country, and immigration would be crushing the small hope remaining that the Democrats can stave off the loss of both the House of Representatives and the Senate on November 8, and preserve their defence against the rising approval for Donald Trump’s re-run for the presidency in 2024. Biden is desperate for Ukrainian and Russian blood to keep flowing; and European too, if need be.

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One response to “The Ukraine War Clock Is a Time Bomb – It Blows Up On November 8, US Election Day, by John Helmer

  1. The Ukraine/Russia war is not a timebomb unless the Americans and their NATO sycophants do something really stupid. If people do not know the history of the area or what led to this confrontation, they should refrain from saying anything. 8 years of murder in the Donbas by Ukrainian troops and right-wing militias is what brought the Russian military in.


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