Election Integrity Dead: Killed in Court, by J. Christian Adams

This is an excellent account of how the Democrats and their affiliated groups go thick into the weeds of process and litigation to win elections. Don’t think that the much touted red wave this November is a sure thing. From J. Christian Adams at gatestoneinstitute.org:

  • Many election operatives know that elections are won or lost because of process. For decades, one side has been focused on policy, big ideas, and winning debates. Meanwhile, the other side has been focused on process and the rules of the elections game.
  • [A] war is taking place around elections that has nothing to do with voting machines being controlled by Italian satellites or Internet hackers. They don’t need to be.
  • Election process fights have become a Darwinian “survival of the fittest.” Whichever side can effectively adapt to a new technological or cultural environment often determines who wins and who loses.
  • In 2020, an unprecedented burst of mail ballots swamped election offices because of the fright of COVID. All over the country, judges struck down or suspended laws that would have ensured those mail ballots were processed according to the law. At the same time, hundreds of millions of dollars in private money poured into election offices to change the way the elections were run.

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