And We’re Letting These Insane Bozos Rule Us?

h/t The Burning Platform

forrest gump just like that leftists stopped bragging owning tesla

big sister watching you biden disinformation board

liberal realize tesla helped fund purchase of twitter

congress spends 54 trillion your money elon musk 44 own

imagine someone before 2020 cold flu no symptoms

netflix blockbuster stock falling fire

liberals deleting twitter account cant tell no longer wearing mask

dear elon musk hunter laptop finally presense on twitter

people think men cant get pregnant worried twitter misinformation

elon musk 43 billion twitter dod 3 trillion replace taliban with taliban

tweet musk buying coca cola put cocaine back hunter bidenjpg

shrink taxation live society stockholm syndrome

jeff bezos washington post china propaganda machine

tweet bill gates food shortages renewables oil pandemic

joe biden ministry of truth created right after musk twitter

nobody talks about forgiving trade school debt they can pay own way

slippery slope fallacy dhs creating government disinformation board

white house replacement jen psaki pinnochio search

tweet prescription wife dailysex dyslexia

self driving tech 80s christine

electric chair gust wind trees rustling

2 responses to “And We’re Letting These Insane Bozos Rule Us?

  1. Some great memes in this collection!


  2. I busted a gut on a few of them, particularly the last one.


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