The Vaccine Passport: Gaslighting of an Egregious Kind, by Vasko Kohlmayer

If vaccines don’t prevent Covid then vaccine passports are unnecessary. From Vasko Kohlmayer at

“New York City could bring back Covid mask mandates, vaccine checks if hospitals come under pressure,” reads a recent headline from CNBC.

“New York City could bring back mask mandates and proof of vaccination status to go to restaurants, bars and other venues if Covid hospitalizations rise to a concerning level, according to the city’s top health official,” announces the article’s opening sentence.

The city’s health official referenced above is one Ashwin Vasan, New York’s Health Commissioner.

It is beyond astonishing that Mr. Vasan would contemplate bringing back vaccine passports.

By now there is overwhelming evidence that the vaccine passport is useless as a means of fighting Covid infection for the simple reason that the vaccines do not work. The Covid vaccines prevent neither infection nor transmission.

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