Commerce Cronyism: Inside Deals, Conflicts of Interest and Chinese Connections, by Peter Schweizer

The Commerce Department, regarded by many Washington outsiders as a backwater, is apparently a hotbed of corruption, which makes it desirable and lucrative for Washington insiders.From Peter Schweizer at

  • The Commerce Department is the fourth most lobbied federal office, behind only the Treasury Department, Health & Human Services, and the White House itself. It is more lobbied than the bigger budgeted Department of Defense and Department of Transportation, despite managing a far smaller budget. This is no accident, because Commerce makes what can be life-and-death decisions for particular industries and businesses.
  • Yet the mission of this “hodgepodge” of administrative agencies, bureaus, and offices could not be more important. The Commerce Department’s broad purpose is “to create the conditions for economic growth and opportunity.”
  • Through its Bureau of Industry and Security, Commerce regulates what are known as “dual use” technologies, which have potential military applications for foreign powers, another sore spot in the US-China relationship.

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