US and Latin America: Trouble in the Backyard by Ted Snider

Latin America has options besides abject subservience to the American empire. From Ted Snider at

While the US is expanding into Russia’s sphere of influence, it seems to be having trouble consolidating and controlling its own sphere of influence. There may be trouble in America’s backyard.

The Biden administration has been so distracted by expansion and so asleep at diplomacy that the very fundamentals of diplomacy have been neglected in Latin America. A dozen ambassadorial postings in Latin America, including Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia, remain vacant sixteen months into Biden’s presidency.

All the while, the ever swinging pendulum of Latin American elections is swinging, once again, to progressive governments that are more likely to protect and advance the interests of their own populations than they are to sleep walk behind US hegemony.

There is no more sign of a domestic uprising against the government in Cuba than there ever was. The party of Chavez and Maduro remains solidly in power in Venezuela despite attempted US coups and recognition of interim coup president Juan Guaidó. The party of Evo Morales has returned to power in Bolivia, and the party of Manuel Zelaya has returned to power in Honduras, reversing US supported coups. Lula da Silva is poised to return to power in Brazil, which would reverse another US backed coup. Mexico, Argentina and Chile have all recently elected more progressive, independent governments

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