Baby Formula Airlift: Government “Fixing” A Problem Of Its Own Making, by Tyler Durden

Look closely an most any problem where someone says that markets or capitalism has failed, and you usually find that in one or more ways, it is a government or governments that have failed. From Tyler Durden at

As Robert LeFevre said, “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure.” The American people are witnessing a grand illustration of that truth in the form of the US Air Force airlift of baby formula from Europe to the United States. The airlift is part of the Biden administration’s response to a nationwide baby formula shortage that has desperate parents searching all over for the product and even venturing to create it themselves.

As the government credits itself for racing to the rescue, most people don’t realize the baby formula crisis is largely a creation of the government itself.  

Yesterday, the White House launched a publicity blitz wrapped around a slickly-produced video showing a USAF C-17 in Germany being loaded with pallets of formula.

While the video’s pretty sharp, we have to wonder which public relations whiz came up with the official name of the airlift. “Operation Fly Formula” sounds like the title of a gruesome new Jeff Goldblum flick.

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