If Any of This Seems Normal, You’re Insane

h/t The Burning Platform

soon to be plastered i had monkeypox vaccine

woods just want to be left alone fbi another extremist

biden sick tired blame things i did

dow on pace longest weekly losing streak kamala harris we did it

biden rally empty economy empty shelves

bus know succeeding 300k vehicle picks your up daily

message if only some way telling insane bad guys were klaus schwab

quote klaus schwab own nothing be happy

monkeypox bill gates dollar signs

npc same opinions news channels corporates un rebellious free thinking

relationship status abusive with fuel pump

message dont see mainstream media actors liars manipulators thieves brainwashers

tweet relying on government keep you safe small dck energy

old fashioned glad mother was woman

americans sleeping burning couch value us dollar inflation

dirty work hands so ukraine can get 40 billion

office whiteboard chinese government bad disappear

calvin hobbs selling swift kick in butt

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