We’re Getting Used to Fake News. And We’re Getting Tired of the Ukraine War. Here’s Why You Should Be Worried, by Martin Jay

The West’s Ukraine war narrative is falling apart, but it still requires bona fide journalists to get the truth out. From Martin Jay at strategic-culture.org:

Journalists and congressmen, these days seem to be uniformly unable to probe and scrutinize egregious amounts of cash and military hardware being apparently sent to Ukraine. One reason could be that it is not being sent there in the first place.

The ghost of Kiev pilot is dead, Putin is dead, Ukrainian soldiers were slaughtered on snake island and 300 Ukrainians perished in the Mariupol theatre attack. Which of these four news stories coming from western media is true? In fact, they are all entirely false but have been put out as entirely Bonafede news stories and not even corrected when the evidence is overwhelmingly to the contrary.

It seems western media doesn’t do Mea Culpa which should worry you if you are concerned about how the war in Ukraine is threatening world peace as we know it. Just how much of what we are reading is genuine? Just how much of it is presented as fact, merely because it is fed to journalists by intelligence agencies who have not only proved hands down historically to get things wrong but often – far worse – have a nefarious agenda to pursue in the dark art of fake news. How can British journalists trust Mi6 who tell them that Putin “may” be dead, when it seems like only yesterday they were also being told that Assad was dropping chemical weapons on his own people (proved to be untrue by the western-backed chemicals weapons agency, OPCW) or that earlier Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Or if you want to go back even further that Milosovic was behind the Bosnian Serb shelling of Muslims in Sarajevo in the summer of 1995 (in fact he wasn’t).

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