Obama’s Gas, by Eric Peters

Nice spread Barack and Michelle have there, eh? From Eric Peters at ericpeters.com:

Barack Obama is so “concerned” about “climate change” he just recently had three storage tanks capable of holding 2,500 gallons of propane installed at his sprawling Martha’s Vinyeyard property, which sits very close to (and not far above the level of) the ocean he says will shortly inundate us, if we don’t drastically reduce our use of fossil fuels.

Like propane.

An ocean of it, in this case. So that the Obamas have plenty of fuel – as opposed to solar – to assure the power never goes off at their place. Which is actually a $12 million-dollar, 6,892 square foot mansion more than twice the size of the average American single family home – with more than twice the “carbon footprint,” too.

It is the real-estate equivalent of the gas-hoggiest non-electric car you could possibly buy – but which we increasingly cannot afford to drive, courtesy of the artificially induced energy austerity imposed on us by things such as Obama and his anointed successor, the Biden Thing.

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One response to “Obama’s Gas, by Eric Peters

  1. Harry Truman applied to obama:
    ‘You Can’t Get Rich in Politics Unless You’re a Crook’.
    telling more truth dead than many who are alive.


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