NATO’s Lies Implode… Kiev Regime Told ‘Pay Price for Peace’, by Karl Haki

The walls are closing in on Ukraine and Zelensky. From Karl Haki at

The lasting damage from the crumbling lies is the eroding of presumed leadership by the United States and NATO accomplices.

The Biden administration, the Western news media (aka propaganda system) and the NATO military axis are on a head-on collision with reality. An early sign is the dialling down of gung-ho attitude and their pet Kiev regime being urged to cut its losses and do a deal with Russia.

For the past four months since Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine, the Western public has been pumped with non-stop lies about Moscow’s “unlawful aggression”, how Russia was losing the war to “heroic defenders”, and how NATO was upholding inviolate principles of Ukraine’s sovereignty which somehow “justified” flooding the country with weapons.

Now Jens Stoltenberg, the civilian head of the U.S.-led transatlantic alliance is tentatively waving a white flag of surrender to inevitable reality. Speaking at a conference in Finland last weekend, Stoltenberg urged the Kiev regime to “pay the price for peace” by ceding territorial claims to Russia. The former Norwegian premier and comically wooden figurine that he is, is no doubt being used as a mouthpiece for more strategic planners in the transatlantic establishment.

The “price for peace” would entail the Ukrainian authorities recognizing the Crimea Peninsula as part of the Russian Federation and the independence of the Donbass republics. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that began on February 24 was launched to defend those Russian-speaking territories from offensives by the NATO-backed Kiev regime and its Nazi battalions.

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