Staying Out of Troubled Waters, by Humberto Márquez

Many countries are embracing multi-polarity. From Humberto Márquez at

Humberto Márquez reports on the new international non-alignment trend triggered by the war in Ukraine.

The U.N. General Assembly adopting a resolution demanding that Russia immediately end its military operations in Ukraine, March 2. (U.N. Photo/Loey Felipe)

Numerous countries of the developing South are distancing themselves from the contenders in the war in Ukraine, using the debate on the conflict to underscore their independence and pave the way for a kind of new de facto non-alignment with regard to the main axes of world power.

Meetings and votes on the conflict at the United Nations and in other forums, the search for support or neutrality and negotiations to cushion the impact of the economic crisis accentuated by the war are the spaces where the process of new alignment is taking place, according to analysts consulted by IPS.

Once Russian forces began their invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, the United States “activated and consolidated the trans-Atlantic alliance with Europe to confront Moscow, and has been seeking to draw in allies in Asia, but the situation there is more complicated,” said Argentine expert in negotiation and geopolitics, Andrés Serbin, speaking from Buenos Aires.

Serbin, author of works such as Eurasia and Latin America in a Multipolar World and chair of the academic Regional Economic and Social Research Coordinator, believes that many Asian countries do not want any alignment that would compromise their relationship with that continent’s powerhouse, China.

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