We Must Never Forget, by Thorsteinn Siglaugsson

Thorsteinn Siglaugsson makes a persuasive case that the truth about Covid and the vaccines will win out, and is in fact already winning out. To his credit he caught on very early. From Siglaugsson at brownstone.org:

According to the UN, lockdowns are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children in the Third World. The disruption from school closures is leading to devastating outcomes for children. And as studies already show, lockdowns hardly had any effect on deaths from Covid-19, while they are surely to a large part responsible for the spike in excess deaths from other causes.

Now, when the attempts at slowing or stopping the spread of the virus, either through lockdowns or vaccination have failed, and it has become endemic, it is time to move on. But it is not time to forget. For if we forget we are in a danger of repeating this horrifying experiment.

In short, the situation is this: Information about the failure of lockdowns is slowly emerging. More and more information on the catastrophes caused by them is leaking out, even making it into the mainstream media now. People are starting to feel on their own skin the economic consequences and attempts at pinning all that on the war in Ukraine are doomed to fail.

Even if the majority of the vaccinated may still hang on to their belief that the vaccination did something for them, the spiking excess mortality and the obvious failure of the vaccines to prevent transmission are really too clear to be denied. And now it even turns out the original claims of efficacy were based on a falsification of data.

At the same time, most people have become complicit in the lockdown and vaccination narrative. They have repeated the mantras so often they themselves have become stakeholders; it is now their narrative also, which means changing opinion is difficult. It is hard to admit having been fooled, especially when you‘ve taken an active part in fooling others also. And if you‘ve been active in ostracizing your unvaccinated friends and relatives, there may even be no way back for you.

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