Just One Button! By Eric Peters

My next car is a Toyota Supra. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

There is one button every new car ought to have – to turn off every saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety “technology” in the car, all at once.

No more having to find a button – for each of these various “technologies,” whether it’s Lane Keep Assist, Brake Assist, Back-up Assist or (the very latest) Speed Limit Assist.

And on account of all this “assistance,” spend far too much time and effort dealing with these “technologies” you probably didn’t want added to the car in the first place, but which car-makers are obliged to install in the cars they build because the government has “mandated” them and because of the virtue-signaling pressure to tout them and include them as standard equipment.

You will probably have seen the ads – irrespective of make – that spend most of the ad describing how “safe” the car is on account of the roster of “technology” it has. The estrogenated car press is even worse because more unctuous. It will chide any car-maker that does not equip a given vehicle with all of the very latest, most “advanced” of these “assistance technologies.”

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