It’s the Bilkonomy, Stupid, by Tim Hartnett

We know how the government operates, but it’s refreshing to read a piece without euphemisms, paeans to good intentions, or any of the other horseshit that obscures what the government actually does. From Tim Hartnett at

“If one man has a dollar he didn’t work for, some other man worked for a dollar he didn’t get.”

A felon sheltered by Josef Stalin himself diagnosed the ailment plaguing the 2022 American economy in 20 words 100 years ago. What does that tell you about what the US of A has become?

William Dudley “Big Bill” Haywood was an American born commie who died from a cirrhosis of the liver induced stroke in Moscow May 18, 1928. He was named as a co-conspirator for the murder of ex-Idaho governor Frank Steunenberg when Harry Orchard spilled his guts in a 64-page confession. Clarence Darrow got Big Bill, who was almost certainly guilty, off with one of those typically windy summations. The prosecution’s case was weakened by Orchard’s record of double-crossing and bloody past. Somebody was paying the assassin who was desperate to dodge the noose. Naming the wrong names wouldn’t have been helpful for the future of Orchard’s neck. Haywood lammed it to Russia when out on bail facing other charges years later.

Adam Smith, Ludwig Mises and Friedrich Hayek couldn’t have teamed up to put it more clearly than Haywood. The irony is sharpened by the fact that most of the parasites clinging to us now aren’t even aware of their blood-sucking. The poker axiom, “If you do not know who the patsy is—you are the patsy,” has been inverted. Culprits, who professionally gush aloud about the have-nots, walk right past the hungry footing their tab toward the highest-dollar flesh-pots they can find. The ones forgoing flesh, once there, are the holiest rollers of them all.

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