Commentary: Like His Hero, FDR, Joe Biden Shambles His Way Through History, Leaving the World to Wonder Who is Captaining this Ship of State, by J. Michael Waller

For a couple of years before he died, Franklin Delano Roosevelt suffered from dementia and senility. Of course anyone who knows the real history of the New Deal knows his entire administration was brain dead, long before FDR himself was at death’s door. The parallels with the Biden administration are obvious. By the way, the two best ways to get yourself considered one of the greatest presidents in history is to expand the size and power of the federal government and get the country involved in a war. FDR was a two-fer, and it’s a reasonable bet that Biden will be, too. In which case liberal historians (but I repeat myself) will say he had greatness thrust upon him, because he certainly had zero beforehand. From J. Michael Waller at

The distant eyes and slack mouth, the befuddled shuffle off the walkway, recurrent unexplained schedule gaps and public disappearances, and off-the-wall comments finally make Joe Biden a pale copy of his hero, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In wrapping up a war and realigning the world order, the first eight months of Biden as president resemble the last years of Roosevelt – except that FDR was on the cusp of victory against an avowed enemy.

The medical condition of an American president can affect the entire nation and the world for generations. Now, as then, one wonders who is really in charge of what.

FDR appeased Stalin on practically every major point leading up to the notorious Big Three Yalta summit with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1945.

Biden has surpassed Roosevelt by simultaneously accommodating Vladimir Putin’s Russia, Communist China, state sponsors of terrorism like Qatar and Iran, and the global jihadist movement – in ways that will change the world for generations.

For the moment let’s not look at the actual policies, but at the conditions of the presidents themselves. Roosevelt at Yalta purposefully excluded wise visionaries like Loy Henderson and George Kennan in favor of others. As Afghanistan shows, Biden has not surrounded himself with the best and brightest.

Roosevelt had shown a certain softness toward Stalin since 1933, when he became president and recognized the Soviet Union. He rejected top diplomats’ advice that, among other things, a quid pro quo be attached to prevent the Kremlin from interfering in American internal affairs.

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One response to “Commentary: Like His Hero, FDR, Joe Biden Shambles His Way Through History, Leaving the World to Wonder Who is Captaining this Ship of State, by J. Michael Waller

  1. FDR was a three for, actually, and, Biden may not last this administration.


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