Raytheon Unveils New Rent-Seeking Missile, from The Revolver

The devastation this weapon inflicts on taxpayers is legendary. From The Revolver at revolver.news:

America’s formidable military arsenal became even more so this week, as Raytheon Technologies revealed a brand-new rent-seeking missile.

The rent-seeking missile represents a revolutionary breakthrough in stealth technology, capable of blowing up the budget of an entire country before its taxpayers even notice something is wrong.

“People used to point and laugh when Congress would buy dozens of worthless tanks just to prop up General Dynamics,” said Senator and fanatical war hawk Lindsey Graham. “With this new missile, we’ll bankrupt our country before China can even blink.”

As befits its cutting-edge nature, the rent-seeking missile doesn’t come cheap: Each missile will cost $480 million—two hundred and forty times the price of a Tomahawk missile. But Raytheon CEO Gregory Hayes says the number was arrived at after careful thought.

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