You Won’t Get Much Charge Out of This . . . by Eric Peters

The biggest advantage of electric cars it that they are electric. Their biggest disadvantage is that they are electric, and require electricity. From Eric Peters at

Imagine if every gas station had to be physically connected, via pipeline, to a refinery – and you will begin to see the improbability of their electric vehicle equivalents. And then you will begin to understand why “electrification” is about diminishment – of the dispersed, convenient and highly individualized system of personal transportation Americans have come to take for granted.

Like their former freedom to travel without arbitrary molestation – among so many other freedoms lost because they were taken for granted, too.

Think, first of all, about how you deal with running out of gas. How matter-of course it is to walk down to the gas station with an empty gallon jug and come back with the fuel, which you then pour in the tank. Now imagine the same with an electric car that has run out of juice.

How do you carry a kilowatt-hour of electricity back to the electric car?

Now scale it up and think of a tanker truck hauling say 3,000 gallons of gasoline from a refinery or distribution point to the gas station, 50 miles distant. How does one transport an equivalent in electricity to a “fast” charger – or anywhere else?

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