Russia: On the Front Lines of the Great Anti-Liberal War, by Robert Bridge

One reason many people and politicians in the West hate Russia is because the Russians challenge so many  of their shibboleths. From Robert Bridge at

Russia’s ’special operation’ in Ukraine could be considered the first of many battles to keep the crass ideology of the West far from Russian borders.

After taking major steps to align itself with the institutions of Western philosophy and thinking, Russia is now giving the West a serious rethink as it struggles to defend the homeland from on onslaught of cultural and social rot.

In 1698, Emperor Peter I of Russia instituted a variety of liberal changes designed to bring Russian society in line with Western European models based on the Enlightenment. Peter traveled often to modern European capitals and wished for his fellow Russians to imitate their ‘more civilized’ ways. This was all part of his ‘opening a window onto Europe’ through his eponymous capital of St. Petersburg.

One of the more controversial reforms introduced by the Russian tsar was an enforced beard tax. Despite heated protests by the devoted attendees of the Orthodox Church, who believed to a man that tthe prominent whiskers demonstrated Christian piety and sacrifice, Peter demanded that all Russian men submit to the blade, or suffer a tax for the privilege of wearing facial hair.

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