The Eric Adams Cure for Non-Compliance: Compliance, by Thomas Harrington

In one short article Thomas Harrington demolishes the Covid Commissars and their entire regime. From Harrington at

As everyone knows, there is a public employee shortage that has nothing to do with vaccine mandates. This is true, just as every thinking person knows that there are nursing shortages, pilot shortages, and clear upticks in sudden deaths among world-class athletes, soldiers and ordinary people between 17 and 49 that also have nothing to do with vaccine mandates.

Because he’s a smart guy who peruses the New York Times each morning and follows the science, New York mayor Eric Adams knows this as well.

And this is why he has just reached out to the many of the misguided people who walked away from their city jobs over the requirement to take experimental, almost wholly useless, and often quite dangerous injections with an offer they can’t refuse.

They can have their jobs back and all will be forgiven if they …are you ready for the big sweetener …they just get the jab.

Amnesty! Such a deal!

The kindly and witty letter he sent to some of them (which we have seen) unscored the self-evident line of continuity between achieving good health and doing what you’re told by the government: “In order to cure your non-compliance you must submit proof of vaccination to the Employee Health Program.”

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One response to “The Eric Adams Cure for Non-Compliance: Compliance, by Thomas Harrington

  1. Hahaha, I just figured something out.

    At this point, they probably could put together a traditional, attenuated, live vaccine of Covid. It would work and not compromise our immune systems.

    We pay a steep price for being unvaccinated. I would absolutely consider a safe vaccine. At this point, they could probably make one.


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