We Should Be Thankful For These People Giving Us Something to Laugh At

h/t The Burning Platform

who wore it better justin trudeau pee wee herman

home security sign nothing inside worth dying for

kamala biden dementia covid cancer all in same week

dr jill biden pretend doctors magazine

aoc cortex something of jussie smollett myself

lower temps shown in red climate change

joe biden raiders lost ark indiana switching covid for climate change



mail truck in cemetary started delivering ballots

poisonous creatures bright colors toxicity purple liberal

jetsons 2033 season 21 january 6th commission finally nail trump

robots bots obama twitter create biden followers

officially home owners bank state government wink

fauci its not much but dishonest work

driving around unpluging electric cars help powergrid

tweet aoc prison changed me handcuffs date me

stalin government makes you immune safe out of hospital says so

babylon bee biden contracts covid after miraculous recovery from cancer

open carry in texas

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