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Biden’s Options To Counter OPEC+ Are Limited, by Irena Slav

What does OPEC’s, and particularly Saudi Arabia’s, humiliation of Joe Biden say about the U.S.’s current geopolitical standing? From Irena Slav at oilprice.com:

  • Despite repeated requests from the Biden Administration not to cut oil production, OPEC+ went ahead and did just that.
  • The geopolitical rationale behind OPEC+’s move might be more worrying than the output cut itself.
  • Besides suspending deliveries of weapons to Saudi Arabia, there’s little that the U.S. can do to raise the pressure on the Kingdom.

This week, OPEC+ made a decision unprecedented in its history and the history of OPEC. The extended cartel approved production cuts of 2 million bpd at a time of steady demand, tight supply, and runway inflation in the world’s biggest economies.  More significantly, perhaps, OPEC+ made this decision despite Washington’s numerous attempts to change the mind of the cartel leaders, notably Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Just a day before the OPEC+ meeting, CNN reported that all available human resources in the administration had been mobilized, with the White House “having a spasm and panicking,” per one unnamed official.

Top officials such as Amos Hochstein and Janet Yellen had been tasked with talking the Saudis and the Emiratis out of a production cut. Talking points included a not too thinly veiled threat of reputational and foreign relations damage: “There is great political risk to your reputation and relations with the United States and the west if you move forward.” Yet the Saudis and the Emiratis did just that. They went forward.

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We Should Be Thankful For These People Giving Us Something to Laugh At

h/t The Burning Platform

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Stuyvesant High Versus China Rail, by Fred Reed

Dumbing down top notch schools will penalize the brilliant and ultimately harm its intended beneficiaries. From Fred Reed at theburningplatform.com:

It is Time to Stop Celebrating Inadequacy

China has an upcoming maglev train that will run at 373 miles an hour. By comparison, the United States increasingly looks like a country from an earlier age. Pop Quiz: Was this train engineered (a) by heartwarming, puzzled, oppressed, suffering, agonized minorities who ought to be making pizzas, or (b) by the brightest people China could find regardless sex, color, or “adversity quotient”? (If you choose (a) you are probably a Democrat.)

Diversity over Quality

Perhaps it is time to recognize the stupid as an ethnic group. They are the country’s largest voting bloc. They are hugely influential, having agendas, lobbies, and demands. They work tirelessly to put the cognitively undetectable into positions of power. Usually they succeed. They are the enemies of reason, the sciences, mathematics, schooling, high culture, thought, and recognizable grammar.

For example, New York debates eliminating the entrance test for the city’s elite high schools–e.g., Bronx High School of Science, Stuyvesant, and Brooklyn Tech. Mayor De Blasio, presumably preferring reelection to sanity, backs the idea. He knows the stupid can’t solve a quadratic, but they can pull a voting handle, at least with preparatory training.

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