Before You Vaccinate Your Child, Consider Five Essential Issues, by Mary Beth Pfeiffer

The risk-reward ratio is all wrong for vaccinating children for Covid. From Mary Beth Pfeiffer at

This article is part of a publishing collaboration between RESCUE and Trial Site News.

Dr. Danice Hertz, a gastroenterologist in Los Angeles for 33 years, was among the first to get the Pfizer vaccine in late 2020. Seriously injured since, she pleaded for a government study. It concluded that 10 of 12 injured patients achieved “full recovery after 12 weeks” of treatment. She and Brianne Dressen, also vaccine-injured, dispute that. “Nobody is better,” Dressen said.

In his practice, Dr. Syed Haider sees patients every day who have suffered life-altering changes after covid-19 vaccination. Many had not connected their symptoms to the shots.

“Everyone has blinders to vaccine injury,” Dr. Haider told me. “Patients think they drew the one-in-a-million short straw.”

Dr. Haider is one of a savvy if small group of physicians, scientists, and advocates who challenge the vaccine narrative cemented in medicine and media. The vaccinated help themselves and society, it holds; vaccines are safe and effective. End of story.

To be sure, a small minority of 223 million fully vaccinated Americans have reported serious vaccine reactions. But available figures, from a system prone to vast CDC-acknowledged underreporting, show their ranks are large.

As of July 15, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, or VAERS, received more than 1.3 million reports of covid vaccine injury, including 29,635 deaths. You will not find this tally of complications on the CDC’s website but rather on a private website called, where reports to the government are collated and regularly updated.

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