Starbucks Gets What It Asked for, by Gregory Hood

Starbucks’ woke executive discover the downside to corporate virtue signaling. From Gregory Hood at

It’s an iconic duo: urban liberals and Starbucks. Wherever you are, you can almost always find a Starbucks and a group of lefties.

The company has carefully built this image. It has regularly funded explicitly and implicitly anti-white policies including ruthless affirmative action, deliberately hiring non-whites, and showily boycotting Christmas by using “holiday” cups.

In 2015, when the “Great Awokening” began, Starbucks challenged Americans to talk more about race. They did not mean for Americans to talk about it the way American Renaissance does. “Of the hundreds of large companies that truckle to racial orthodoxy, Starbucks might be the worst,” said Martin Rojas in 2020. CEO Howard Schultz even considered running for president in 2012, 2016, and 2020. Starbucks is Woke Capital at its worst.

However, Starbucks could never overcome a fatal contradiction. The company represented upscale urban living, a refuge from the seedier realities of the city. Starbucks coffee is expensive, perhaps a deliberate choice to weed out undesirable customers; a survey in 2013 found customers cared more about good service than good coffee.

Urban liberals have never had trouble championing people they avoid. Few of them want to be surrounded by poor blacks or mentally ill vagrants as they display social status at Starbucks. Unfortunately for them, racial realities are breaking down the polite hypocrisies that let white liberals live with their illusions.

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