The NWO globalist cabal really had no choice but to stage the January 6th false flag black operation. From State of the Nation

The Democrats averted one of the most embarrassing photo ops of all time. From State of the Nation at

Here’s why the Democrat Party colluded with the US Intel Community to deceitfully stage the Jan. 6 Capitol trespass operation.

SOTN Editor’s Note: Inasmuch as it has been scientifically proven that election thief Joe Biden never received anywhere near 81.2 million votes, his handlers needed to shut down the 2021 Inauguration Day celebration.

But why? 

Because very few Bidenites (and Biden voters) would have ever showed up for the inaugural festivities, the brains behind Biden’s stolen election scheme knew that they had to create a pretext to close down the National Mall in Washington, DC.  Otherwise the American people would have witnessed a nearly empty Mall … after being told that POTUS imposter Joe Biden supposedly received the most votes in U.S. election history.

KEY POINTS:  By literally hijacking the peaceful protest attended by the Patriot Movement on January 6, 2021, the FEDs and their numerous co-conspirators made sure the Capitol Building was breached so that the meticulously choreographed event could be deceitfully labelled an ‘insurrection’.  Once that absurd propaganda was widely disseminated by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media, the incoming Biden administration had sufficient justification to cancel most of the inaugural events that are usually attended by the victorious side of the electorate.  Erecting massive metal fences throughout, and cordoning off, much of the Washington, D.C. area only served to further send the false message that the Right posed a serious threat to the incoming ultra-liberal administration.

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