Our ‘Rhythmically Dancing’ Physical Real Economy, by Alasdair Macleod

No matter how clever you are, all your efforts are grounded in physical reality. From Alasdair Macleod at strategic-culture.org:

Western modernity is contingent on cheap fossil fuel. If that shrinks, our economies will shrink too – to a sub-optimal level.

The poet, WB Yeats, often used in his writings two old Irish folkloric terms: ‘thrall’ and ‘glamour’. Being in thrall to something meant that a person was wholly overpowered by some unaccountable ‘magnetism’ emanating into their world, and into whose grip they had fallen. It was, if you like, being caught up by some irresistible, ‘magical’ spell, exerted by some ‘thing’, some ‘being’, or some ‘image-idea’. The sense was of being rendered helpless, held immobile in a spider’s web; bewitched.

Glamour was something magical that the fairies threw over a ‘thing’ or ‘being’ that gave them the power to put others in their thrall – to pull people into their spider’s web. Glamour was the casting of the spell into which humans fell.

Yeats was relating old stories from Ireland about fairies and their magic, sometimes harmless, but as often as not the fairy ‘spells’ were forces that led unerringly to tragedy. We may not be dealing here with fairy tales per se, as was Yeats. Nonetheless, framed differently, we live bewitched by today’s ‘spell’, although most would deny it vehemently.

Naturally, we do not see ourselves today, as naïf. We have a firm hand on the realness of our solidly material world. We absolutely do not believe in fairy tales or magic. Yet …

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