The Deep State War Against Trump Is a War Against the World, by Robert Bridge

If they can get Trump out of the picture, one way or the other, then they remove a big obstacle to their plans for global domination. From Robert Bridge at

Trump is merely a messenger attempting to wake us to an evil that threatens to destroy everything good and decent in the world, Robert Bridge writes.

Let’s begin this brief foray into futility by putting aside our tortured feelings over Donald Trump and admitting one thing: the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago proves that the establishment has the power to crush with impunity any person – even former/future presidents – who threatens the globalist agenda. This has implications not just for Americans, but for every person on this unholy planet.

Facing the grim prospect of imminent defeat in the upcoming midterm elections, the cunning Democrats are doing what they do best, which is, first, to cheat like hell. Second, to unleash all the tools of oppression at their disposal against their political enemies, namely Donald Trump, the DC outsider who once promised to ‘drain the swamp.’

Florida Governor summed up the latest crackdown against conservatives as yet another example of “the Regime weaponizing federal agencies” to its political advantage, which could very well become permanent barring a second Battle of Gettysburg. Yet, it would be a mistake to think that those “political opponents” are only those of a homegrown American variety. The Cabal’s war is undeniably international; and more on that in a moment.

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