The left is making it impossible for Trump to find a lawyer, by Andrea Widburg

The legal profession is being intimidated from acting as Trump’s legal counsel. From Andrea Widburg at

Leftists seem pleased that no lawyers will represent Trump. This is a terrible thing that, as much as anything else, represents the downfall of America under the left’s aegis. The aggressive leftist purge of conservative or just brave attorneys is destroying one of America’s greatest institutions: every person’s right to have an attorney at his side.

In 1770, Redcoats fired on a crowd that had surrounded them, taunting them and pelting them with dangerous projectiles. Five colonists died. The British soldiers claimed self-defense, but the patriots in Boston called it murder. We remember it as the Boston Massacre.

What too few Americans know is that the soldiers, despite a trial in hostile territory, got a stellar defense. Their attorney was John Adams. He knew that representing the soldiers was a risk that could destroy his law practice and impoverish his family, but he also understood something very important about the law in a free country: no one should have to stand alone against the awesome majesty of the state, which has the power of the police, the prosecution, the judge, and the executioner.

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