Funny How All the Laughable People Go Into Government, Media, and Entertainment

h/t The Burning Platform

joe biden first day pre k grow up to be puppet

liz cheney miss piggy lost 37 percent felt cute might run for president

ancient wisdom electricity air conditioner vs tesla climate change evs

welcome real world kid first paycheck discovery of taxes

fbi copying kgb paper test

liz cheney one rino until dc swamp is rino free

xx dont always lose liz cheney compare myself to lincoln

liz cheney brian stelter trump youre fired

car accident good thing has mask on

if california serious ban private jets not lawn mowers

watching economists cnn msnbc fox inflation ron swanson youtube ron paul

pesci goodfellas they them one person

fbi raid melania trump wardrobe jill biden some style

rambo first blood irs scratch off game winnings

tweet biden extending covid piblic health emergency midterms

tweet 4th covid dose boosted 3 month recovery

message we the people have had enough constitution



more believable than inflation reduction act cows dolphin jumping

well its we finally got donald trump day again groundhog day

kermit tea send 87000 irs agents ukraine find tax dollars over there

small businesses irs objects in mirror tank

new irs agents grad ceremony stormtroopers

golfer 87000 new irs agents my turbotax returns



sign safety warning no electric vehicle fires


donkey biden if you have 0 percent inflation why do we need an inflation reduction act

exercise help decision making jogging never again

cat obedience school graduation no one

selling bicycle on facebook marketplace irs police

me waiting for fbi raid epstein client list

fbi new collection of uniforms germany

fbi best we can do is fabricate evidence

fbi watching hunter epstein every mass shooter blind trump sandra bullock

watching paper straw dissolve millionaire private jet day trip

schools drugs are bad sit still adderall

quote i prefer 11000 keystone pipeline workers over 87000 new agents

will any tax agent be investigating mysterious fortunes congress

babylon bee democrats unveil tread on me flag

oj simpson chase 87000 irs agents gift 1992

message only sexual knowledge 3rd grader girls have cooties



message notice stimulus checks gas food rent

message lisa simpson irs target people cant afford lawyer

so tell me most heavily armed citizens in world attempted unarmed insurrection

daddy what took frredoms away hiding muzzle conspiracy theorist

when scientists blame depression tech social media credit public schools

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