World Economic Forum says it’s time to start microchipping humans with ‘augmented reality’, by Leo Hohmann

It’s important to start microchipping humans, especially children, because what if they get lost? Whoever finds them can take them to the vet and get in touch with their owner. There’s always some specious argument for further restricting liberty. From Leo Hohmann at

An article posted on the World Economic Forum’s website makes the case for implantable microchips – including in healthy adults and even children.

The article sings the praises of what it calls “augmented reality,” a euphemism for transhumanism, and predicts it will soon be normalized.

Transhumanists believe the next big leap in the evolution of humanity will be directed by humans themselves, taking advantage of advancing technologies that allow them to blur the line between human physiology and computerized artificial intelligence.

In the article posted August 16 on its website, the WEF says:

  • Augmented reality technology has the ability to transform society and individual lives.
  • As much as visual and hearing aids are a part of our lives today, implant technologies could become the norm in future.
  • Stakeholders in society will need to agree on how to ethically make these amazing technologies a part of our lives.

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